Bedroom Interior Designs — February 7, 2011 at 6:19 pm

4 Rooms in One

4 rooms in one

4 rooms in one

What an interesting room! It is so simple, but so revolutionary and radical in its concept! The room is bare but there is an extremely interesting feature in the form of a wall divided into a space for four beds.

An almost square wall is divided into four almost square spaces. In each space is a bed. There is a tiny square window in each space. The people who sleep in the upper beds can climb up using ladders.

The ceilings are low, so there is no place to stand. It is only for sleeping in. A nice feature is that each bed space is personalized very subtly. Another adorable feature is the curtain usage that can be used to “close” each space for privacy. It is nice because if other people want to keep their lights on, the others can just draw their curtains.

The room isn’t too colorful. There is a light and pleasant color scheme of creams, beige, white and pale brown. The bed covers are a combination of grey and white. The pops of color are found on the cushion covers. There is orange, red and gold.

Each divided space has a reading light and a small indentation at the back for books and other things.

The point of this room is to make use of vertical space. Why make a room boring by placing beds side-by-side, reminiscent of a dorm room? Why not play with space and placement by using the wall? It will save a lot of clutter and space.

This room can be used for dorms in colleges, or even for children. It is very lively and fun. The great thing about this room is that one can use all the remaining, unused horizontal space in the room for a number of things that the beds won’t take up. What a great use of space.

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