Bedroom Interior Designs — January 27, 2011 at 7:30 pm

A bedroom – flowery and unique

Ornate fixtures

Ornate fixtures

Here is a bedroom with that slightly ornate look. The choice of colors is minimal with just shades of brown and white. If your bedroom is not too spacious, you would want to create nooks and corners for a variety of purposes. For instance, you could create a dressing area or a small study area against the window. The bed itself occupies a good deal of space. Then, there is a screen against the headboard. This allows for reading lamps to be affixed to it. The screen plays the role of a small wall that has been adorned with wallpaper that has a subtle design. The muted colors on the screen remove the glaring white effect of the bed and the rest of the room. The screen achieves a second purpose as well by creating a half covered space behind. With a chest of drawers against the wall and a screen, a clever space has been created in which to dress. In fact, the screen and the bed with the side tables appear like a room within a room.

With the wooden screen appearing like an artwork by itself, it is a simple matter of adding similar hues on the bedspread and the carpet. You don’t need to add any pictures on the screen. The window behind also removes the possibility of nailing any other artwork. You have the chest of drawers and the side tables for a small photo frame for that personal touch. The small table at the foot of the bed is convenient for the extra pillows or your robe.

Along one side of the wall is an array of cupboards to provide substantial closet space.  You can have the doors opening outward or have them sliding on coasters. Sliding doors will give you that extra space in the room. All in all, the effect here is artistic as well as utilitarian.

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