Bedroom Interior Designs — January 27, 2011 at 7:49 pm

A Bedroom that is a Suite

Bedroom in a Suite

Bedroom in a Suite

This is a bedroom with ample room for your creativity. Yes, you do need the room to be a fairly large one. But, think of the possibilities!  Take a look at the large double bed with a touch of gold. The headboard placed flush against the wall has a padding to give you a soft and comfortable surface to lean against. A similar footboard is ideal for tall people with long legs. They don’t have to bash their toes against a wooden surface!

The full length mirror facing bed is a nice touch; not only does it give you an illusion of space, it also lends a romantic touch. The frame of the mirror is almost ornamental and aesthetically more appealing than a plain narrow wooden frame. This room can make you feel that you are on holiday in some exotic location. The grey walls, the brick laid fire place, tall windows, the wooden parquet floor and lush carpet to sink your feet in, all add to a cozy getaway. What’s more, you don’t have to go on a holiday to achieve this feeling. This can be created in your own home in the middle of a bustling city.

The chair facing the fire place is ideal for a comfortable and warm reading corner.  You can create a space to place a desk and make it a study area.  In a space that starts out as a room to sleep in, you now have a whole suite. You can work and sleep in the room and you can also simply indulge in a quiet reading time. This bedroom has it all; open fire on winter days, luxurious bed for slumber, becoming a peaceful haven to retire to.

Add fresh flowers to a vase for your side table; close the drapes or have them open. The drapes slide easily to the sides leaving moonlight to filter in. Who wouldn’t want to push up the rectangular pillows against the wall and read in bed?

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