Kitchen Interior Designs — January 28, 2011 at 9:45 pm

A Dream Kitchen

Kitchen with Natural Light

Kitchen with Natural Light

A Dream Kitchen

Kitchens usually play a central role in a home. Family members gravitate towards the kitchen not merely to cook, but also to share the events of their days. Children like to spend time with the parent during the cooking and helping out too. Adults congregate in the kitchen as they share in preparing and serving meals. It is only natural that a majority of the time is spent on planning the design of a kitchen when building a home.

Take a look at this kitchen. The shiny appliances are placed together for easy reach. They are also close to the center island to use as a counter top.  Moving things to and from the counter into the refrigerator becomes convenient.  The island has bar stools for those who want to sit and provide company. This counter has covered space beneath for storing anything and everything.   In fact, the kitchen has so many cupboards above and below the counters that one can never run out of space to store things. You may not even need a separate store room.

The highlight of this kitchen is the window overlooking the garden. It is wide enough to wash the kitchen with bright and natural light. Yet, the trees outside can provide relief from the glare. The sink placed along that window would make it a pleasure to wash your cups and glasses. Just looking out and feeling the fresh air can alleviate the stress of cooking or the heat in the kitchen.  Apart from this, the lights hanging from the ceiling perfectly spot the work areas.

The floor can seem high maintenance if they are in wood as removing spills and stains may be a hardship. You can have tiles on the floor or arm yourself with cleaning supplies; better yet, have a little care when you go around cooking and baking. It is worth a little effort for kitchen that may easily become the family room.

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