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A Dynamic Living Room


The Spiral Decor

The Spiral Decor

Are you looking for a totally new and unique way to design your living room? Do you want it to so totally out of the ordinary that you want your living room to be the talk of the town? Well then, you must begin to think differently. First of all you must be bold enough to think differently. And second of all you must be willing to face quite a bit of opposition here. Not many – by this I mean family members, friends, well-wishers and interior decorators are going to take to this very kindly. Your first and perhaps the most difficult task is to convince them that your concept is novel and that the outcome is going to be truly amazing.

To get inspiration take a look at this image. This is an amazing living room. A beauty in red and white and circles and pretty much nothing else! The novelty of this room lies in the fact that the decorator has used the theme of concentric circles to give this room a unique dynamism. The very property of concentric circles is to impart a sense of movement. This idea is more often than not used wall hangings. But in this room almost everything is either circular or have a curvature. If you carefully observe the floor is polygonal and NOT circular and yet the designer has managed to give it an impact of a circular floor.

The furniture here is minimal. Yet there is a classy elegance in the way they have been shaped! Look at the sexy curvature of those chairs and the circular center table is a very plain tripod in wood. The lighting as you can observe is all in that lovely globe with pale white concentric circle pattern. This is a room that has been designed with painstaking effort. Try and replicate something like this if you are looking for something novel!

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