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A Little Effort to Create a Great Ambiance


Tips to Quick Decoration

Tips to Quick Decoration

We are at times so caught up in our work schedule that entertaining friends or visitors at home is something we avoid. This is because it involves creating a home atmosphere that is conducive to entertaining. I am not saying we are ashamed of how our home looks – this could be far from the truth. What I am saying is that you have to put on a little bit of extra effort to spruce up your interiors to get it ready for visitors. There are times when you have invited a family over on an impulse and perhaps almost immediately regret it because, you are not quite sure if your home is ready for visitors or you are not sure whether you have time to get it spruced up for them. There should be no reason for regret here. And you can certainly get your home ready for any visitors in a jiffy if you follow some tips.

So your home does not have any tacky, gaudy and ‘attractive’ items on display. That is good news indeed. That shows your refined taste. In this case you have not invited people to display the ‘splendor’ of your life, but they are invited because you like their company and they have accepted the invite because they like yours. And yet it would not be very prudent to have a room that is all bear and bereft of anything that is welcoming. Well in that case for starts you can simply dust up all the furniture in your rooms and add new fresh cushion covers. Dust the rug or carpet and keep it clean. Bring in some fresh flowers to fill your vases. Place fresh flowers in the living room area, on the coffee table, on the vases in the shelves or wherever feasible.

Now since you have invited them share a meal with you, make sure you keep the dining area bright, clean, warm and welcoming too. Add a nice bright table cloth. Keep a vase filled with fresh flowers here too. If your friends are going to here to watch the superbowl with you, try and get some table cloth and other accessories that match the team colors. It is really easy to get your home ready for those valuable visitors if you set your mind to the task!

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