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Accentuate Your Interior Design With Bright Furniture

Bright Yellow Cabinet

Bright Yellow Cabinet

Yellow is a very wonderful color to use in a house. It is bright and cheerful and can brighten up a room very quickly. Yellow is a summery color that lends a breezy air to a space. Yellow can be used in many ways. If a light, pale shade is used, it can be subtle and classy, with a lot of elegance and sophistication. Bright yellow is more youthful and less feminine. It can’t be overused because that can become too much and can hurt the eyes.

Yellow furniture is very whimsical and uncommon. One can’t have completely yellow furniture all over the house because it would be too much over all. However, one yellow chair, or a yellow shelf can add a pop of color to a room. When doing this, it is good to decorate the rest of the room with subtle, pale shades like brown, beige and cream.

Yellow is quite a risky color because it can be too bright. It is also not an appealing color for many. To use yellow, one needs to be a little brave in terms of design. For example, this citron cabinet is punchy and charming, with a wonderful pattern on the doors that look modern and funky. It would look great in a living room with Moroccan carpet patterns and wooden furniture. Mirror work and reddish brown are two things that would go very well with this yellow cabinet.

This cabinet will also look very nice surrounded by lots of plants and greenery.

The cabinet is not very tall, but it can be customized to be made larger. Because of its geometric aesthetic, it looks very chic and modern, with a hint of Art Deco style. The bright pastel citron is punchy like a lemon, and like a lemon, it is very strong. Its strong solid color and blocky pattern are wonderfully pleasant.

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