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Add a Carpet to Your Interior Design

Colorful Carpet

Colorful Carpet

Rugs and carpets are excellent decorative and comfort tools for a home. They are warm, soft and comfortable. Carpets are usually placed on the floor, though sometimes they are unconventionally hung on walls. Rugs and carpets come in different shapes and sizes, and if you have a large floor, it is better to get a vast rug that will look good and match the interiors of your home.

Rugs are usually made of polyester fibers, wool or cotton. Thread is used for embroidery. Indian style rugs sometimes have intricate mirror work. Good rugs are handmade but can be machine washed. This means that the rug is securely created using good technology. You will know if a rug is good or not if the embroidery does not fray easily and the color and dye job does not fade fast.

In order to make thick rugs, the fabric is layered and cut intricately. The layers thus become thicker and thicker until they form a hard series of cloths that still remains flexible and foldable.

Rugs are best in a living room or dining room, under tables. If you are placing a rug in the bathroom, make sure you realize that a bathroom can be easily dirtied, so the rug needs to be easily maintainable. Towel rugs are good for this job, and they are made of mostly cotton, so they can be washed easily. Avoid light colored rugs in bathrooms.

Kashmiri rugs and Turkish carpets are beautiful and add visual interest to the living room. Vertical rugs like the one in this image look elegant when dyed with subtle colors and intricate details. Rugs like this will also look great in corridors and staircases.

Try to experiment with styles and colors when buying a rug. They are extremely useful to have in a room.

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