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Add a rosy touch to your living room interior design

Living Room With Roses

Living Room With Roses

It is hard to add personality to a room. You can make it beautiful, bright, colorful, classy, spacious, and many more things, but to inject personality into it is quite a task for an interior designer. It takes experience and guts. There’s such a thing as a calculated risk, but a calculated risk isn’t really a risk, because you aren’t risking much. A risk in interior design can either pay off or do just the opposite. The design is different from the usual, and pretty random. It has a good theme of pattern though, which is important. Even though the room is bases widely on two colors- white and black, it looks much more complicated because of the various patterns on the cushions and the beautiful carpet.

The light colored wooden floor has a rectangular carpet sitting on it. The soft looking carpet resembles a zoomed in picture of the cut surface of a tree stump. The rings on it get larger as they emerge outward in concentric circles. The center table on the carpet is a dark chocolate brown, and is long and solid. It even has a platform underneath the table top to store things.

On either side of the table are two identical sofa chairs, supported by short light wooden legs. The seat of these chairs is black, which matches the center table. The sofa is white, matching the wall behind it. All the seating furniture in the room has pretty cushions, alternatively crimson or patterned black and white.

The lantern hanging from the ceiling is amazing, resembling diverging petals of a flower. The white walls of the room offer contrast to the dark colored center table and sofa chairs. The room is spacious, full of life, and has a certain degree of wildness to it. I would enjoy sitting in a room like this, because it seems like it always has something new to offer.

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