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Add a touch of Nature to your décor



Indoor plants are very popular in eastern homes or big independent houses in suburban areas. They are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing for a number of reasons. Plants in a house are calming as green is an extremely relaxing color. Green has special therapeutic effects and also cools a room tremendously.

Indoor plants are great to place in a living room. Large potted plants can take up a lot of space, so the room has to be large and spacious. Potted plants can be placed on window sills so that vines can creep on the grill to make windows look lovely.

The great thing about plants anywhere is that they are quite easy to maintain. They need to be watered every day and they also need an ample amount of sunlight. Plants also have numerous medical benefits as they are good for people with asthma and other breathing difficulties. Plants provide shade and create a rather peaceful atmosphere.

Cacti are very popular indoor plants. While cacti are spiky and painful, they need not be watered at all. Cacti store water and look stylish and pretty.

You can really be creative with the kind of pots you use to keep your plants. They can be made of terracotta and mud, or they can be made of ceramic. You can also use disposable plastic cans or wine bottles, but it’s best to use mud pots. The only problem with mud pots is that they can make a large mess and constantly emit dust. One usually uses a tray or plate under the pot so that the water drains out into the plate instead of dirtying the floor. If you have a small balcony, you could fill a corner with small potted plants and give it a touch of Nature.

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