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Add an Interesting Touch to your Interior Design

Interesting addition

Interesting addition

The great thing about spaces is the fact that one can make a lovely space by adding interest to it. The key to doing this is to find and collect unique pieces of furniture and other objects and finding a place for it in your home. Unique furniture cannot only be bought, but also made.

The main rule to adding interest to a room is to strictly avoid anything that even comes close to being generic. What you should look for is something that is one of a kind, no exceptions. Apart from serving as a conversation point, it will make your house a wonderful space that is exciting and fun.

You can take the easy route, and buy urban, artsy stuff from, say, Anthropologie, but that won’t make you feel very good about anything in the end. For example, a wonderful idea would be to find a piece of old, nearly broken down piece of furniture for almost no money at all, and you can spruce it up yourself!

Taking old park benches that are unused and adding weaving details to it is a great way to start. It is easy. All you need are the basic weaving skills you learnt in kindergarten craft class and you’re on your way. Add canvas material in different colors, and have fun with paints and beading. Be creative. There’s no better way to show your personality, especially if you’re artistic.

When you have an interesting and completely unique piece on your own, subdue the rest of the furniture and accessories of the room. Let the “done it yourself” chair speak for itself and grab the viewer’s attention. Be smart about placing, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s always better when your room has a story to tell. No one likes the generic room that resembles a hotel.

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