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Add Color to Your Kitchen's Interior

Pink hued kitchen

Pink hued kitchen

Too bright is sometimes too much. And that is why we don’t see a shocking pink or bubblegum pink in this kitchen design. The pink used is relatively dull, and creamy. It is a lighter version of pink. But too much, I would say. Or perhaps that’s just my view of a room having  too much of one color being spoilt by it. It’s catchy, I’ve got to say. It’ll lure you right out of your thoughts of a perfect kitchen design into a thought of how bubblegum like a room can be. It’s somewhat easy to maintain, with its small size, but that’s not the problem over here. When you design a room, one of the best ways to increase its appeal is to add things like contrast of color, or to pair colros together to create an artful combination. For example, bright pink and black would be a better option in this case. There would be cotnrast, style, and creativity. But instead, we see a dull, lifeless pink, covering almost the entire area of the kitchen, and a few whites that look relatively simple enough, but don’t do much for the room. The fridge is a large one, cluttered with tons of pictures and magnets. It is obviously full of space within for food items and so on. The storage area consisting of the cupboards adds more space for this room. The doors of every single one of these cupboards is, you guessed it, pink.
The kitchen platform consists of the cooking range and the sets of drawers and cupboards. The top of this area is a white, shiny platform, slightly narrow but still spacious. The stove is not only pink, but so is the coffee pot sitting on it. The entire cooking range is jarring with pink. To the side, we see bottles of things like oil and seasoning sitting
on the white top, along with a uniquely designed bowl for fruits, in this case, oranges. To my relief, the dining table and chair we see are not pink. The table is white, and the chair black. This kitchen design is not even close to the best I’ve seen.
Of course, it might suffice for a young lady up to her neck in pink clothes and pink handbags and more, but not for many other people. It is small, and therefore easy to maintain. It has plenty of space though. But the color theme of the entire room is jarring, lifeless, and strange. It may be different, but not necessarily to everyone’s taste.
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