Apartment Interior Designs — March 7, 2013 at 4:14 pm

Amazing ladders



Two-level space. How do you maintain the integrity of one, without adding too many accessories to create other. Look at our selection of ladder design. Solutions with attention to details.



Here we see a very original idea of wood sheathing the ladder pillar. Thin metal bars are used for both safety and being a very good decor element. 



This design has careful attention to details. Good choice of color theme. Main element is a ladder designed in a nice contrasted red and black colors. Interesting design of a console, that is a main reliance point. You can see small red details all around the room. 



Another example of well-positioned ladder without taking big slice of your main area. Here it is a kitchen that has a nearly hidden stairs to the second floor, mainly because of using the same colors for kitchen, doors and ladder itself. 



Design of this wine cellar is very different from your traditional representation of cellars. Modern, technological are the keywords. Convenient ladder with wide steps. Unusual colored bricks on the wall. This interior got style!



Cozy! Huge wooden ladder right next to the old cobble wall. Good use of glass as a ladder divider. Wooden planks fit main pillar very well, just like other decor objects.   Unusual solution of using a round arch door is not ruining geometry for this place. 


Thanks and come back for more!


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