Apartment Interior Designs — March 12, 2013 at 4:35 pm

Animals in captivity of interior



Nowadays you can see animal style not only in hunter homes. Leathers, stuffed animals and all these things. It is up to a personal choice and taste of everyone and we offer you a space for experiment.



This dining table is beautiful and fresh. Hand embroidery tablecloth matches the decor figurines. Mugs and plates in safari theme. And look at that – natural horns in the flowers vase. It really feels like a special place and I’m sure it is very comfortable to have a dinner here, or perhaps a quick breakfast. 



Goat leather on the top of that expensive natural tile is not only a decor. It will make your otherwise cold tile floor and space around it a little bit warmer. Chair covers are very similar to the Bedouin capes, especially when you can see that beautiful giraffe figurine somewhere near. 



Should you decide to use a single theme for all the room, you can easily do that with animal prints. It is a very good move and if you get tired of it, you can always easily change overall mood. Look how it is used everywhere in this room. Plate, pillows and even print on the wall – all using animal print(zebra skin print in particular). 



When you are brave enough to put stuffed animals and birds on your wall next to patterned collectible plates and even your own photographs – well you are brave enough. It is something that only a few people would do. Really bold designers move. 



Statuette of a white polar bear is a main accent in this otherwise monotone living room. Everything seems cold, so instead of warming up the feeling of being here – they added a polar bear. I guess the owner is from Greenland or is really tired of hot weather. Strict and cold white fireplace remind us about Antarctic ice and iceberg in particular. Interesting from designers point of view, but not many would choose such interior for their comfort zone. 


Thanks and come back for more!

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