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Apple Green Bathroom

Apple Green Bathroom

Apple Green Bathroom

The bathroom in the picture is an obvious representation of peace and calm, accompanied by space and pleasant colors. The floor is wooden, and is a light shade that shouts nature. The attractive shade of the floor makes it seem cool to the touch. The commode, bidet, and washbasin are all a pearly white ceramic. The room’s central theme of color is basically a light, smooth green, and white. With these colors, nature and greenery seem to be sprouting up everywhere. The commode is located in the center of our view, and beside it is the bidet. Both are designed elegantly. They take up
barely any space, and are both stylish and simple. Behind them we see a sort of built in counter, painted green in color. Without this green interception, the white commode and bidet would have merged with the white wall behind. The counter has plenty of space on its top platform. In the current design of the room, we see ornaments and objects of decoration have been placed here, as well as soaps and hand towels.
Turning away from the commode, we see the well designed washbasin, sitting on a green support. The design of the tap is done well too, with its silver shine and slim shape. The counter space of the basin invites the neat arrangement of personal toilettries. Above the basin is a green and white mirror cabinet. The cabinet is perfect for a medicine box and for other personal items. The mirror is at the right height, and reflects the branches of the small tree-plant behind the counter.
Overall, this room is simple, elegant, well designed, and pleasant to the eyes, as well as spacious. There can never be any maneuvering problem in here. This bathroom is most appealing because of the color and the planning.
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