Apartment Interior Designs, Living Room Interior Designs — February 27, 2013 at 2:05 pm

Architecture impacts future interior? We say, yes!



Designers task is not just to visualize and create beautiful things, they also need to stay loyal to what was there before them. Losing the spirit of a building is easy to accomplish, but hard to achieve balance between two.

Now that’s a nice carved chair. Overall design of this bedroom and materials used are all in the same theme. Choose main objects and theme carefully and create masterpieces like this one. 


Cozy suburban chalet. Interior design is in harmony with primordial space. Perfect color theme. Very good taste. 


Looking at this bathroom you can guess the interior design of the remaining building. Modern technologies and materials. Interesting combination of different kind of stone, wood and brickwork. 


Interior of this room relies heavily on antiques that you have all around the room. Couch, chairs and fireplace fence are all main objects here. They are even finished in a contrast color. Wooden tiles floor saves the spirit of that time. Just like a fireplace carved from stone. 


Shiny can be not only attractive, but highlighting method for your furniture and decor. You will most likely remember this kind of interior. Cool red mirror, amazing bed. Very original!


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