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Art Deco Interiors


A style that was developed after the world war that offered a very glamorous new era look was the Art Deco style. The motivation came from the feel good factor after the World War I. This style is a very nice and elegant blend of fashion, fabric and architecture. What is so special here is that the new era Art Deco style architecture was an integration of modern building materials and industrial trends and old world charm too.

Now for those of you who are looking for novel ideas to redecorate or decorate your homes, you can go in for Art Deco styles.  Their ‘oh so sleek’ and smooth lines  are so very attractive and pleasing.  The streamlined design of Art Deco furniture is modern, sleek and extremely comfortable. The flat bent chrome that is used to design the furniture give the piece of furniture a nice ‘rocking effect’. The wood that is used to make the furniture is lacquered and black. Panels that are lacquered in black are decorative and can be used as screens for rooms. White leather with a lustrous sheen is used to upholster the frames created in wood.

Art Deco furnishing interior designs are usually minimalistic with sparing use of colors. The favored colors here are white and black and sometimes, green and black or red and black. Black is used only to accentuate. Chrome and gold accents are used albeit sparingly only to add a touch of brilliance. Mostly gray is the favored color for walls that lends an overall softness to the interiors.  The flooring is either black or white classic marble. The rugs that one uses are also soft colors which could be beige, gray, off-white or a dull brown.

Textured surfaces are rarely preferred. This provides a sleek and clean no-nonsense interior. Lighting for Art Deco interiors are almost always soft and are placed in such a way so that it streamlines the design. Art Deco furniture is favored by those who don’t favor ostentation in any form but would like to have a nice, warm, soothing interior.

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