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Artistic décor for a compact apartment

Unique Apartment Decor

Unique Apartment Decor

Small apartments are the most affordable. Most people feel that it is harder to decorate smaller spaces, but they could not be more wrong. A small space is fun to decorate and can be done up to make it look larger, and can be full of your personality and individuality. You can make a small space look wonderfully colorful, beautiful and lively- a perfect space in which to entertain guests or just relax.

The important rules to remember when decorating a small space are attention to lighting, space and color. A small space cannot possibly afford to look cramped and busy. It needs to look spacious, breezy and comfortable.

This place is very small. It is full of objects, but the owners make this work in their favor because of the lack of overwhelming and bright colors. The place only has light, subtle tones that are summery and fresh. The place is rather feminine, but is balanced out by the dark wood.

The room is simple, with a window taking precedence. The window is surrounded on either side by shelves that contain books. This is obviously a studio apartment, because there is a work desk in one corner.

The color scheme of the space is mainly brown, cream and green. The creams give the room a breezy aura that is light and delicate. It gives the room an illusion of more space. There are no overwhelmingly unsubtle prints and colors. So there is a sense of calm and elegance.

The thing with this space is that the owners have tried to put in all their possessions in one place, while maintaining the aesthetics. They have made it work. There is a bike hung up on one side of the room, on the wall.

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