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Attractive Minimalistic Designs for Your Interiors

Minimalistic Interiors

Minimalistic Interiors

There is something very attractive about sleek modern interior decoration themes. The entire concept is so very understand that makes it all the more attractive. Many still believe that minimalistic home décor is something one does when one is concerned about not over stepping the budget or when one has to save money. This is far from the truth. A minimalistic décor is for the express purpose of creating an aura of style and sophistication with the right furniture, with the right kind of lighting. The entire concept is to de-clutter which is indeed an excellent idea. It augurs well for those who have no time to spare to maintain their interiors. More objects means more care. You have to meticulously dust the surfaces, polish the brass, change the fresh flowers in the vase, move around the furniture a great deal to get to the nook and corner of the room and stuff. In a modern household where both the husband and wife have to go out for work this is not only tedious but also cumbersome.

Take a look at the living room above furnished in minimalistic theme. This is not a very large room – but it gives forth a sense of space because of the grayish white walls and beige tiled flooring. The red of the sofa and the rest of the furniture and the carpet gives the room a very stylish accent. The large TV is wall mounted and thus space is saved on the cabinet. Two rows of sleek glass shelves under the TV takes care of the storage space which can hold an electronic device like the DVD player. A personal touch can be added here by placing a family photo or two. The abstract painting in red complements this theme. The lighting is minimal and yet very attractive. Here is a room with a touch of elegance furnished in the minimalistic theme.

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