Living Room Interior Designs — June 16, 2011 at 12:51 pm

Attractive Plaid Sofa in Interior Decoration


If there is one fabric that demands a great deal of attention it is the plaid fabric. They are attractive and not only visually pleasing but are warm and comfortable. Sofa upholstery in plain fabric is a great idea of living room furniture.

But one must take some pains and articulate to match the rest of the decor to compliment the plaid sofa. What is most attractive about plaid sofas is that you have a wide variety of choices ranging from staid ones to inspirational colors and bold striking patterns. You can choose neutral colors if you want your living room to be subtle or bold colors and patterns if you want your room to be vibrant.

What is very essential here is that you should also plan the rest of the decor in relation to your plaid sofa. Do not make the plaid sofa a focal point. It should be a part of the design scheme that gives you a wholesome effect overall.  Now if you are very particular about having only plaid sofa furniture, then your room must be designed to match with it. The first thing to do here is to match all other colors in the room to compliment it. If you have a very vibrant color like maroons, reds or oranges, it would be wise to create wall accents to match this color. Choose a neutral color for the walls and give it accents in any form – using the dominant color of the plaid fabric.

Your rugs and curtains too should match the color of the plaid fabric. There are a lot of ways you can mix and match colors in your living room. Give it the attention it deserves as long as your design schemes are aesthetic and attractive.

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