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Back to the basics in interior design

Simply Designed Living Room

Simply Designed Living Room

Most people usually feel that small spaces are hard to decorate. They don’t pay much attention to small spaces because they feel that working with such sizes isn’t really worth it. They could not be more wrong. If you have a small apartment, do not give up on how it looks. You can make it look elegant and sophisticated while retaining your taste and design preferences. You can also do this without spending too much money and time. Money is precious, and you don’t have to go overboard with a large budget to have a beautiful home.

This space is wonderfully decorated, yet if you look at it carefully, there isn’t anything unaffordable or unapproachable about it. There is a sense of simplicity to it that by itself achieves sophistication and elegance. The understated style speaks volumes for the taste of the owner and the designer. The owner has let the art work and the colors do the talking in the room.

Greens, blues and browns are used in varying tints and shades all over the space. The blue carpet is a calming ocean in the middle of a brown floor. The sofa on the other hand is a mossy green. If the green were any brighter, the room’s atmosphere would be ruined, but the decorator has wisely stuck to an understated shade.

The sofa on the other side of the room is patterned, with stripes, while the armchair is simple and decked in pale blue.

What takes the attention in the room is the artwork. The paintings on the wall are modern yet simple. They are bold and stand out. If you want your art pieces to capture the attention of guests, you must be sure to tone down the style of the rest of the space.

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