Bedroom Interior Designs — February 13, 2011 at 6:20 pm

Back to the Nature in Style

Back to Nature

Back to Nature

This is probably one of the most original and outlandish room created. It is inspired by adventure novels and treks, camp fires and being marooned on a deserted island. This entertainingly novel room is a treat to sore eyes because of its natural and foliage-filled setting. It takes one back to childhood days filled with Tarzan, Rudyard Kipling and maybe even George of the Jungle. This bed “room” is the ultimate place to commune with nature without destroying it.

This room is made of bamboo, wood and straw and placed like a bridge over a stream. The room is covered by a thatch roof. Thatched roofs are used a lot in the East to lower the temperature and keep the place cool and dark without resorting to electric measures.

This room is probably not a very good idea to live in permanently, but it is great as a resort area or hotel room. It is peaceful and full of greens and browns- earthy and relaxing tones that are easy on the eyes.

An interesting feature of the place is the “hanging” room that looks almost as if it is suspended in the air like a swing. It is like a small room in which to have tea in, or eat. It is covered with cushions and other comfortable seating areas.

There is a thin mattress to sleep on, in the room. There are many bolsters and cushions to provide an air of luxury and make the place more comfortable and soft.

This room is an acquired taste- not many may actually want to occupy this room thanks to its blatant openness and exposure to insects, animals and birds. It is however, truly paradise and would serve well as a retreat for more adventurous families, or couples going on their honeymoon.

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