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Basic black and white theme for office interiors

Modular office

Modular office

Colors are important in every type of interior design, even in offices. Psychological studies show that stress in adults mainly comes from work related causes. Work related causes come mainly from the fact that office atmosphere’s are boring or just sad. Plain colors used in an office make people lose interest in their work faster. On top of that, the amount of young people in working population has increased dramatically. This influences interior design to make it more colorful, brighter, so it can match the personalities of their workers.

The floor of this office is a beautifully pure white. It seems to exude waves of purity, and the white seems to glow. One of the central themes used in this office is black and white. The circular tables with wheels are easy to move around, and offer extra space to workers. The tables are all white, even the surface of the desk-tables.

The cabinets attached to the desks are not the same white, but more like grey. The use of grey is good, mainly because too much of anything is not good. The chairs are lovely. They look extremely comfortable. Of course, we wouldn’t want people to fall asleep on their chairs in pure comfort, but still, these chairs are designed well. The seat, backrest, and arm rests are black. A part of the chair frame is white, adding a sense of contrast to it.

Even the color of the computers has been thought of. They are black, adding to the theme of black and white. But a simple theme like this cannot be used all the time. It is commonly used, but it has to have some sort of colorful addition to make it perfect. The unique lampshades on the surface of the desks are bright crimson, and seem to glow with red mainly because it is surrounded by white.

The windows are huge, and offer a large amount of light during the day. The office is segregated by grey cubicle-like walls. This office in its entirety is well designed. I really like the fact that it doesn’t separate workers into cubicles making it seem more spacious. The view is excellent, and the colors blend in together well. It seems to bring in the perfect atmosphere for work.

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