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Bathroom – Design Them To Suit Your Needs


Bathroom Designs

Bathroom Designs

There are so many factors that one must consider before planning the bathroom. We all know that bathroom is a place that is quite often shared by many family members.  This room in a home is also considered by many to be a place that allows for total relaxation. Today bathrooms are also rooms that are considered by many to show their status in society. This is why we do have many designer bathrooms with amazing fittings.  Home decorators now go all out to make this room not only comfortable but also attractive and elegant. This is a place where one can soak himself of herself into a bath filled with scented foam for pure pleasure and also of course for hygienic purposes.

Many don’t pay much heed to the lighting factor in bathrooms. But it is absolutely essential. One must consider good and proper lighting elements when designing the bathroom.  True the room must meet all the needs of what one only term as ‘personal taste’.  Also take into account as to how many in your home will be using the bathroom. Ideally it would be right to place the large bath somewhere in the middle of the room and a toilet and a bidet at the entrance or in a far corner. They need not be focused on when you are planning the lighting.

You can plan for a low sink for the bathtub when small children share the bathroom, but remember they too outgrow this soon.  If there are only two people using the bathroom, it need not be very large and one need not consider having large storage places here.  It is also wise to divide the bathroom into compartments. Have a separation for the bidet and the toilet. Keep the storage compartments handy. Keep the sinks well away from the tub and the bidet and toilet.  Plan your bathroom in such a way that is not only comfortable and attractive but also futuristic.

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