Bathroom Interior Designs — February 7, 2011 at 5:24 pm

Bathroom Elegance

Bathroom elegance

Bathroom elegance

It has been a long time since bathrooms were used only for utilitarian purposes. Architecture, creativity, and luxury have modernized the term to encompass various avenues. Bathrooms can now be more than just very clean. And since a bathroom is where we tend to spend a lot of our time in, it’s vital that a person makes anyone’s bathroom experience good. When hosts invite people to their homes, they love to show off their bathrooms.

The bathroom in the picture above revels in warmth. The hues of the floor and walls are a warm, earthy brown, and the yellow lighting just reinforces this warmth. The setting clearly brings out the spaciousness of the room. The bathroom fixtures are all set against the walls, and there is still enough space between them and the wall for a vase of flowers or a potted plant. The bathtub is reminiscent of a bench in a bedroom or hall, but just with a tub.

The basins are set at an adequate distance from each other, attached to the wall on which you have the mirror. The mirror does more than just reflect an image and allow one to look at oneself. It also adds an even more spacious illusion to the room, as it is so large. The mosaic tiles are a lovely combination of beige and brown and add a sense of variety in the colors used along with the black stone surrounding the basins. The bright silver taps add contrast to the room as well.

An important part that adds a homely sense to the room is the beautiful picture next to the bathtub that shows off what seems to be a scene in Venice. The entire setting of the bathroom makes me wish I could live just there, and I’m sure it would make you long for it too.

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