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Bathroom Interior Design in Wood

Wash Basin in Wood

Wash Basin in Wood

Ever been attracted to the soft sheen of polished wood? I have. The wood in this wash basin resembles the type used in luxurious cars, which probably explains why I like it so much. To find something so different is an experience in itself. This basin is designed very well.

The basin is a cup. It is just a perfectly shaped cup, with perfect curves. It resembles two things in my mind- firstly, a bowl being held by a person, and a fruit, cut in half and carved from within. The inside of the basin looks to me a lot like a cut tree trunk, with a depression in its center. Some say that the multitude of rings on the trunk of a tree shows its age. I would say that the multitude of rings in this basin speak of its beauty.

The shine on the wood looks extravagant. It reminds me of plain wood, with a transparent sheet of paper placed on it. The rings of wood itself are beautiful. They are obviously enhanced in color, but still seem extremely natural. The rings are alternatively black or a bright brown that mildly approaches fiery orange. This pattern brings out a sense of contrast in the design. The rim of the bowl is smooth, and so is the outside of the bowl.

The basin is placed intricately on a brown and white granite platform, which somehow blends in with the color of the basin. The surface also makes it look like the colors of brown and creamy white are melting into each other beautifully.

The appeal of something beautiful isn’t the only thing important in a design. Its surroundings must be as good. I feel that the surroundings of this basin- the black wall and the granite platform, are brilliantly chosen. The black wall is not plain black, but rather, a charcoal black. It looks like the entire wall is made of coal. This black shade makes the bright silver tap very eye catching.

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