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Bathroom With A View

Bathroom with a spectacular view

Bathroom with a spectacular view

Luxury bathrooms these days are so stylish and classy that they mask the other rooms of the house with their splendor. In my eyes, the above bathroom can be my bedroom, for all I care. Simply put, I would love to live in this bathroom; so spectacular is the design and the view.

Its beauty is probably best seen during the day, when sunlight can shine in from the large glass windows. The uniqueness of the bathroom is brought out everywhere.

The floor is creamy dark beige, matching the tiles in the shower area. Beside the bath tub, we see a fluffy white bathroom rug, as white as the bathtub itself. The basin is roughly rectangular with curved edges, and has a brown base. The elegant tap above it curves like a swan’s neck. The towel holder on the side is set at correct height, for anyone to reach it.

The cabinet for bathroom utensils and things like creams, brushes, aftershaves, and more is located exactly above the basin, and has a brown base, pairing it with the wash basin below. It clearly has enough space for plenty of things. The wall behind the basin and cabinet is a serene white.

The bathtub is wonderfully different, placed parallel and against the window, and is shaped beautifully. The shiny silver hand shower and taps look very appealing in the sunlight that is streaming in through the window. There is plenty of space around and on the tub to place soaps, shampoos, and scrubbers.

The shower area is right next to the glass, and is full of elegance. The silver tap and shower is attached to the tiled brown wall, and right beside it is a towel holder.

This bathroom, with its amazing view, excellent design, and spaciousness, is easily one of the best bathroom designs in the world.

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