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Be Bold – Experiment with Your Interiors


Zebra Carpet

Zebra Carpet

There are times when you simply want to be bold and do something totally out of the book to your interiors.  If you are one of those people who are indeed adventurous when it comes to redesigning and remodeling your interiors then there are so many options available for you to just do just that!

For one did you know that a mere rug can change the complete look of your living room? A funky rug – like say a zebra rug – can sure out shadow every single item of décor in your room and stand out and get the attention from all and sundry. Today zebra rugs are getting to be quite the rage. While they look great with black and white décor, they can also complement a room where the theme colors are a neutral shade. These look amazing on floors with wooden paneling, which in any case is certainly one of the popular flooring styles of the day. Well if you are not quite happy with the zebra style then why don’t you go in for rugs that are brighter and more colorful? If you have a room that has been styled with hot colors like orange, yellow or red – well then a bright orange rug is sure to complement the room.

Any rug with a unique shape is going to look different and give the room a more personal style. These days rugs with contemporary designs and style are available in numerous shapes, colors, materials and patterns. You are never left with a want of choice. Go in for the funky and odd shaped or odd colored rugs to make your rooms look different, unique and create your very own style statement. Your home should show off a lot of your personality and there is nothing like interior décor to show it off.

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