Bathroom Interior Designs — May 16, 2011 at 4:38 pm

Beautiful Interior Décor For A Bathroom

Beautiful Bathroom

Beautiful Bathroom

Luxury in a bathroom is the new ‘in’ thing. We are at period of time where cleanliness is at the height of almost everything in life. People maintain a certain level of hygiene, and almost everyone in there world does it if they can. With cleanliness being such an important ting, stores and businesses thrive on selling products that are clean and of course products that do the cleaning. Interior design looks good if it’s shiny and polished, therefore clean. When I think good interior design, I think shiny surfaces, reflecting light beautifully, or smooth walls that gleam white without a speck of dirt. This bathroom gives a person all that.

The bathroom is extremely large, at least, larger than any I’ve seen. There is a pretty upraised area with grass and plants, which brings in a natural aspect to the room. The floor is even more natural with its beautiful wood that is contrasted with the white walls and ceiling. Even better are the washbasins with their sleek rectangular mirrors next to them. The bathtub, the taps, the basins, are all designed very stylishly, and very well, to ensue space, usefulness, AND looks. Combining all of these, we have an excellent bathroom design.

The black section of wall behind the bathtub contrasts wonderfully with the white wall to make sure that the white bathtub doesn’t clash with the white walls. Another unique part of this bathroom is the sloping glass windows, allowing daylight to stream in and light the whole room brilliantly. With all its greenery, style, panache, smoothness and space, this modern bathroom is a place anyone would love to own. The beautiful glass covered section of pebbles in the center of the wooden floor is an excellent addition as well. The room strikes me as extremely well designed because of its space and good looks.

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