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Beautiful villa on Bali


I can see that you do like images over text in case when images are stunning! Here is an interior from Indonesia, Bali to be precise. What I like here is how there is very small interior details, but the building itself is very spacious and all that surroundings… Breathtaking.

I know what you are thinking. Yes, it does look great, however look at how balanced it looks with this small amount of details.

Do you really need have hard time thinking about small details when you have a breathtaking view like that?

Space is the key factor here, everywhere, even in bathroom.

And for those who were thinking about the dark time of the day, here is how it looks when you can’t actually see the landscape. Still impressed?

Just like it was not enough, they show us what it looks like in the evening with all the swimming pool lights on. Illuminated!

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  1. lovely designs….want to look more and more this kind of lovely stuff…

  2. These are beautiful, amazingly wonderful designs.
    Breathtaking and romantic.
    I would like to own one of these

  3. Dear Sir,I have space of 600 sq ft in shape of hall where I am interested to make one bedroom studio apartment which looking for living room, small kitchen in the wall,a bed room .
    Sir if needed I can send you the sketch or the photograph of the same.
    with best wishes.
    Nasim Sabir
    e-mail ID nasimsabir2008@gmail.com

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