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Beautiful Wallpaper For Your Dining Room

Dining Corner

Dining Corner

The dining room in the picture is a good mixture of traditional styles and modern styles. It represents the view that mixing and matching still come in handy in interior designing, and trying different combinations always works.

The floor is carpeted with a beige patterned carpet, soft and comfortable to look at. The ceiling is a calm white, and hanging from it is a lovely chandelier, sparkling like a thousand diamonds. The chandelier is a pretty method of lighting the room, and adds a sense of antiquity and traditionalism to the room’s design.
The walls are covered with a very different wallpaper, in a good way. It’s something I’ve never seen before, but something that seems to fit into this room design. The wallpaper has a green background. Not bright, lush green, but a soothing green, almost dull. The color of nature you see in old Disney movies, I would call it. Some would say
the green is too dull to fit in, but I disagree. This green has a calming effect, and does its job of just being a background. The true beauty of this wallpaper comes in the painting of plants, flowers, and birds, all on the green background. It seems like this room consists of a dining table and chairs, bang in the middle of a forest.
The window is framed in dark brown and polished wood, and is relatively large. It allows the room to get plenty of sunlight, as well as breeze when it is open. The curtain is a velvety, shiny brass-brown. The dining table is oval shaped. Its table top is shined and polished, and spacious. The table seats six. Right in the middle of the table, we see a large vase of flowers, adding to the theme of nature that fills the room. The chairs are the most contrasting feature of this entire room design. The cushioning is a bright orange, and the shape of the chairs is modernistic and very beautiful.
Overall, this dining room is a lovely one. It is unique in its colors, due to its wallpaper and chairs. It is lit well, and it is
spacious. The window is large, and the chairs look comfortable. This room is bursting with novelty and creativity.

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