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Bedroom, Bright and Sunny

Shiny and Bright

Shiny and Bright

Talk about spreading the sunshine. The above bedroom is one I would love to wake up in everyday of my life, just to start my day well. The entire room screams happiness. The room consists of a low set bed, almost at floor level, with a wooden floor. The bed is set on a slightly raised platform above the floor.

The room is relatively small, and hardly luxurious. But it is more homely and simple than any of the large and luxurious rooms. It is merely a room with a bed, and several small decorations.

The walls are painted a hue of sunshiny yellow, with four dark stripes on the yellow to catch the eye. It’s not too bright, yet is not dull at all. The paint seems to take the role of the sun in showering an area in yellow.

In order to take away the focus from the yellows and the browns, the bed is a pure, clean white. The only bit of colour on the bed is the striped orange cushion on it. The pillows are white, and so is the bed sheet. The raised platform on which the bed is set has space for several other things, like lamps for night reading, pictures that can be leaned against the wall, or even a vase with flowers. The flowers used in the current setting of the bedroom are sunflowers, which make the happiness of the design even more pronounced.

The wooden floor somehow seems to have a glow, even though it is completely different from the yellow hues around it. It might be that it is so shiny that it reflects the yellow around it, or it may be an illusion of warmth that is already set by the rest of the room.

On the whole, the room is quite something. It isn’t that large, but it compensates for this by having enough space only for necessary things, and not things that take up lots of space. In short words, it is a room that can be a sun to a person on a rainy day.

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