Bedroom Interior Designs — March 20, 2011 at 3:49 pm

Bedroom Design Full of Light and Air

Breezy and well lit bedroom design

Breezy and well lit bedroom design

A simple, breezy space is all most people want when they decorate their private bedrooms and bathrooms. This is a perfect example of just that. It has combined neutrals with simple browns to create a calming oasis that is basic and spacious without being overbearing and pretentious. The clever decorator has taken a simple, geometric space and turned it into a haven for relaxation and rest.

The color palette of the room is wonderfully simple. It is a combination of dark brown, light brown, nudes and creams. There isn’t much color or excitement. This is not a negative, however. It is a treat for the eyes.

The room doesn’t succumb to the grating trends of minimalism or futurism. It is rather plain and completely unpretentious.  The furniture is uncomplicated, the armchairs look comfortable and cozy, and the bed is roomy and soft. There is a wonderfully unique wooden chest at the foot of the bed.

The characteristic feature of this space is the view. While the room’s design is relatively simple to emulate and be inspired by, the view is not available to everyone. This house is in the suburbs or in the country, so it is granted the privilege of such a marvelous view from the balcony of the room. The decorators and owners have taken full advantage of this plus point by maximizing the windows and reducing the amount of wall. This is an absolutely fantastic idea as not only does this room receive the aesthetic benefits of the country, but it also gets wonderful cross ventilation and an abundance of natural light.

It is as if highlighting the view is the main priority of the interior decorator. He or she has, therefore, simplified every other part of the space, while retaining its class and sophistication.

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