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Bedroom design with floor level bedding and seating

Floor level bed and seating

Floor level bed and seating

It is everybody’s dream to have a bedroom like this. It is a marvelously huge space that is airy, relaxed and spacious. It is like a retreat in the middle of a large city. The view from this area is the center of attraction in this place and brings in a lot of amazing natural light.

This room is obviously on the second or third floor. Its decoration is inspired by the quintessential Japanese décor. It also gives a lot of importance to concepts like Zen and Feng Shui. The room is simple and clean, with polished hardwood floors.

All the furniture is low and unique. The bed is an amazing, low structure that seems like it’s placed on a wooden platform. The bed cover is a warm cinnamon tone. It looks comfortable, simple and easy to clean.

There isn’t much furniture in the room. It is clutter free and breezy. There is a small seating area in front of the bed, with a miraculous view of the beauty outside, and is also low like the bed. The coffee table is circular and made of a dark wood. Instead of chairs or stools, there are circular hard cushions. All of this is placed on a banana leaf mat.

Apart from this, there is a decent-sized wardrobe in the corner. It has ample space for clothes and any other objects. In terms of art work, there is only Japanese inspired typography design on the walls.

The great things about this room are the breeziness and natural light. The area is also extremely classy because of the hardwood furniture. The wood does not give any impression of being light or cheap because it is dense and of a good quality.

You may not be able to recreate this view in any apartment or house, but it is easy to be inspired by the Asian design elements that make this place come together in harmony.

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