Bedroom Interior Designs — April 2, 2011 at 6:12 pm

Bedroom designed with a creative touch

Bedroom with a four poster

Bedroom with a four poster

The perfect bedroom for a creative mind looks like this. All the elements in this space come together perfectly and make the room easy, breezy and beautiful. The room is large, with high ceilings and light color tones. There is a lot of natural light in the form of large windows. The room serves as both a bedroom and a study for personal writing and such.

The main attraction in the room is the gorgeous four poster bed in the center. It is camel toned with no unnecessary stucco work or carvings. It is lovely in its simplicity.

The main colors used in this room are summery and light. The colors are a pale, powder blue, white and brown. The walls are painted blue, with pretty pictures hung on the wall. Light colors tend to maximize a space magnificently. They also reflect light, so the sunlight seeping in through the windows look even more beautiful. Green accents are placed around the room in the form of plants and the bench at the foot of the bed. They add interest and a pop of color. Luckily enough, the greens do not clash with the rest of the colors.

The bedspread is white with a blue pillow. The furniture other than the bed, like the study, is made of sturdy wood. The desk itself looks sophisticated. There is a modern glass lampshade on the desktop that captures the sunlight from outside. The desk is situated in such a way that it receives a good amount of light that is essential for working and reading.

While the colors of the room are mostly cool tones, the room still manages to look warm and welcoming. The bed looks cozy and comfortable, and the breeziness of the atmosphere makes the place seem like the perfect room for a lovely summer’s day.

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