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Bedroom for a Little Girl

Bedroom for a little girl

Bedroom for a little girl

A child’s bedroom should be perfect, so as to raise the child in a pleasant and colorful atmosphere. This bedroom is a little girl’s. The floor is an earthy orange shade, tinted with shade of ochre. On it is a bright, eye catching rug, pink in color. The rug by itself fills the room with brightness and beauty.

On one corner of the rug, we see a uniquely colored sofa chair, looking very comfortable. The chair is a chocolate brown color, lined with white. On the sofa is a colorful, bright and patterned cushion, along with a stuffed doll. The chair seems like an ideal place to curl up and tell a child a story.

Beside the sofa chair is a number of drawers, painted a light pink in color. The drawers no doubt have lots of space within them for things like clothes, toys, books, and more. The top of the drawers have space for even more of this, or even objects of decoration.

The crib like bed is wooden, and is a clean white color. The mattress within is covered with a lime green cover, patterned with animals and plants on the sides. The walls and ceiling are both painted a light, baby blue, adding lovely contrast to the room. With the rooms varied color usage, this adds to that theme. A pretty addition of a green tree surrounded by fluttering butterflies is painted here.

There is a lovely lampshade in the corner of the room, blue as the wall, and showering light beautifully. The walls have plenty of space for paintings and portraits. The pink lamp hanging from the ceiling matches the rug below it.

The lights on the ceiling make sure the room is well lit, so that the colors can be seen well.

In short, this room is a perfect bedroom for a child. It is pleasant, colorful, safe, and easy to maintain as well. It is also spacious enough for a growing child.

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