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Bedroom in a Pool!

Bedroom in a pool

Bedroom in a pool

This is an example of how creativity and an uninhibited mind can create a bedroom that is fun and a little crazy. This bedroom is definitely not for the faint-hearted and it is also an expensive one to maintain. The vastness of the water around the bed makes the room slightly unsafe, but otherwise, the room looks perfect for a youthful party or even a music video shoot.

The small island containing the bed in the middle of the pool creates an illusion of a decadent float. The water has a cooling effect on the room, and the blue tones take over the eyes. The room looks like a perfect, experimental, new-age hotel room, with cream colored bedcovers, pillows and matching lampshades. The room comes equipped with a television set and a chair. The almost vanilla bedroom furniture contrasts with the craziness of the pool.

The ceiling of the room is covered with lights, making the room well lit. This ensures that the almost gloomy pool does not make the room seem too dark and uninviting. The tiny ceiling lights also reflect off the pool to create small orbs of shiny light. This adds a decorative air to the room.

The boldness of the room ensures that the room needs no distractions in the form of artwork and unnecessary paintings, and so on. The room is bold, new, and inviting.

The only problem with the room is that it might not be very safe to sleep in. Another important factor to keep in mind is that this kind of room requires specific taste. It isn’t aesthetically appealing to anyone and everyone. The room can easily seem uninviting and cold. That’s why the island is colored with creams and browns, so as to lend some warmth.

This room might be unsafe for young children and parental supervision could be required!

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  1. o.m.g i totally love the bedroom with a pool ahhhhhhhhhhhh wen i grow up iam gona get that done !!!!!!!!!:-)

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