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Bedroom Interior Designed With A Bed On The Floor

Mattress on the floor

Mattress on the floor

This bedroom, situated in a high rise apartment is a wonderful space to decorate. It is a youthful, breezy place full of light and life. There are large windows that give the room an amazing panoramic view of the city, while bringing in natural light and freshness. No one likes a dark, musty place that is dull and boring. Light is a very essential element in good interior design. a good interior decorator will know this.

This is not a large space. It is a simple, medium sized bedroom that simply looks large and spacious thanks to the fact that it is not full of unnecessary décor that would simply clutter the place. The room consists of nothing but a bed and desk, and it does not need anything else.

It is unusual to find beds like this in houses. However, no one realizes the advantages of such beds. Beds that are floor level are amazing for the back. They are soft and comfortable as well. The best thing about such beds is that they can be rolled away to create more space.

A lovely thing about this room is that it is very theme oriented. Themes are usually for the young. The theme of this room is geography and travel. It is apparent due to the presence of the world map hung above the bed, and nautical themed sheets which probably signify a need to travel.

This room is very easy to clean and maintain. There is just a lot of floor and a lot of glass. The wooden floor is well polished and neat. There is a tidy workspace in the corner by the window that is compact and efficient.

A space like this is easy to find and easy to decorate. However, if you find that you are never really at home and there is no point decorating, this is a great way to “not decorate”.

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