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Bedroom Interiors with a Simple and Bohemian Touch

Bedroom with a Bohemian Touch

Bedroom with a Bohemian Touch

This is a simple room that has a bohemian vibe that is very attractive. It is a very simple, medium size. It is a cleverly designed space that utilizes light colors and highlights it with bright primaries and complimentary shades.

The room has juxtaposed Indian themes with basic white and beige chic. It has been inspired by the color and brightness of “Bollywood” style. The white bed sheet may seem subtle and classy, but the colors of the cushions and throw pillows are magenta and gold- royal colors that look bright and decorative.

The curtains are a nice blue, and are floor length. They let in a decent amount of light to that is natural and bright.

The great thing about this space is the use of funky objects as accessories. The first thing you’d notice would be the psychedelic, hippie-esque, sixties print of the Lord Vishnu. It is completely unique and has an artsy, modern, trendy vibe.

If you look carefully, there are a lot of other wonderful bits of detailing all around. The lampshades on either side of the bed look funky and original. Herein lies the beauty of the space. The space is heavily personalized, and that is the secret to a great room.

The room may seem pretentious and overly artsy to most, but it is very clever in its use of space. The aesthetic sense that this room, or rather the designer, demonstrates, is fascinating. The decorator has excellently balanced the neutrals and the brights, the flashy and the subtle, and the western and the eastern. It is a truly international room.

All in all, this room is a perfect example of good design. When you want to create a truly artistic room that spells out your personality, this is great to take ideas from.

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