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Bedroom or Dorm Room Decorated Perfectly to Sleep or Study

Dorm Room

Dorm Room

Every girl and boy will want a nice dorm room to study in, sleep in, party in and generally ideate in. It needs to be a people-friendly space that allows brainstorming, group-studying and over-all living. When you decorate your dorm room, make sure to keep these in mind. The best dorm rooms are the ones that look welcoming, cozy and bright. Avoid spaces that are too pretentious, too overdone and too expensive.

This room is a fun room that is perfect for studying and living in. It has a decent sized space for studying as the desk is long and spacious. The bed takes up a lot of room, but it is comfortable and necessary for a good night’s sleep.

The room has mostly used blues, whites and browns. The decorators have not been afraid to dabble in patterns, prints and other fun accents that characterize the room. They have made the room look feminine, soft and happy through good utilization of design and space.

The room has a lot of lighting, thanks to the presence of large windows. This also ensures wonderful cross ventilation. Light is reflected when there is a lot of white used, and the decorator has not forgotten to use white gratuitously. Light is essential for students, as dark places do not suit concentration and good study sessions.

There are a lot of decorative elements adding to the over-all aesthetic of the room. The light blue walls are feminine and delicate, while the large rice paper lanterns hanging above the bed are whimsical and original. The bed sheets have layered patterns and prints over each other, mixing polka dots (subdued by the brown color of the background) with funky zebra stripes.

All in all, this is the perfect dorm room for anyone who wants to be surrounded by creativity and color. It is fun, youthful and inspiring. Be inspired!

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