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Bedroom – Traditional Style

Bedroom - Traditional style

Bedroom - Traditional style

When in doubt, go for the traditional! The bedroom shown here is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. In our modern times, modernized bedrooms attract all the hype. But, as we see in the picture, modern doesn’t always have an advantage on the old and traditional.
The floor of this room is a light wooden shade, contrasting with the colors around the rest of the room. The carpet in the center of the room is pretty much the same shade as the floor, but with interesting patterns on it. The ceiling is a sloping one, and is painted a calm and serene white.
The walls are covered with unique wallpaper. The green background of the wallpaper is light and smooth, pleasant to the eyes. On it, are minute white designs that form a pattern. The walls have plenty of space to hang up pictures and decorative items. The beds are a pair, and are narrow, as well as comfortable looking. The mattresses look like something I’d love to collapse into readily. The bed cover is white, and so are the pillows, save for one with a light green border. The colors of the bed match those on the wall, reemphasizing the lovely theme.
The cupboard between the beds is small, squat, and pretty. It, like every other piece of furniture in the room, is intricately designed. The cupboard is white, and has space for plants, pictures, and lamp shades on top of it. Above the cupboard is the window, the most serene and tranquil part of the room in my opinion. The window frame is white, and so are the drapes. On the sill we see several bright green potted plants, eye catching and pretty.
To sum it up, this bedroom, traditionally styled, comfortable, elegant, peaceful, is one of the best there is.
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