Bedroom Interior Designs — January 26, 2011 at 5:44 pm

Bedroom with a View


olive green_colored tiles

olive green_colored tiles

A wall in olive green and a wall made completely of glass lend an elegant tone to the bedroom. Well spaced artwork on the green wall brings out the green in sharp relief.  With one wall entirely of glass, there is not much you can do to the wall here; but, the drapes you hang reflect your taste.  A full length drape such as this can be gathered to the side when you want the sunlight to gently flow into your room at dusk or when you want an uncluttered view of the skylight from your bedroom window. Your room may be high up on a floor well above the ground and give you a view of the city or it may be lower and give you view of the garden outside your home. It won’t really matter as the sheer glass is going to give you an illusion of expanse.

Darker colors on the wall or the floor might well be the ideal choice. These colors will not make the room seem smaller; thanks, to the glass window.  Open the drapes and you have view of the outside to gaze at. Close the drapes and you have the soothing effect of green walls. Look down at the floor and you have alternate colors in hues that make for a mellow impact. Thanks to the glass wall, you may not need any major artwork to spend your money on.

Having so much space around the bed will certainly add to the feeling of expansiveness even if you only place a small side table to one side of the bed. The floor on the other side can be used to place a tall reading lamp if needed. Stepping off the bed and not bumping into furniture in itself holds great appeal for most people! This rather minimalistic approach to design makes a rather refreshing impact on the senses.

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