Bedroom Interior Designs — June 2, 2011 at 11:19 am

Bedsheets – The Right Ones for You


Choosing bed linen is not as simple as task as one would think it to be. While one does spend a lot time, money and energy in thinking the right fabric combination for a living room, the bedroom more often than not is sidelined.

This could be because the living room area of any home is place where you entertain and would like to keep in warm and welcoming for your guests. But is it not equally important to pay equal attention to your bedroom linen as well. After all this is going to be your own private lair and you would want a soothing and comforting ambiance here too.

When it comes to choosing bed linen it is indeed important that one does so not only to match the season but also to match the rest of the bedroom decor. It is also absolutely essential that you have at least two sets of bed linen for every season. You would of course want a different material for the winters if you live in a place where the winters are rather cold. Whatever be the choice of material pay enough attention to the colors. Make sure they match with your wall colors and the window curtain colors. You can of course choose accented colors for the bed linen to add to the attraction – but there should be consistency there too.

For winters choose darker shades. Go in flannel fabrics. Dark heavy shades keep you warm and snug. Make sure all your bedroom ensemble is matching. For summers choose lighter shades. They could be plain, striped, accented, patterned or floral designs. White should be an ideal choice. Go in for cottons for summer. They are not only soothing but also a lot cooler. Other kinds of fabric that you can go in for are silk bedsheets or satin linen ones. They are more expensive but are easy to maintain and do provide the calm, smooth comforting touch.

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