Bedroom Interior Designs — February 7, 2011 at 7:51 pm

Beige and Cream Bedroom

Beige and Cream

Beige and Cream

This is a very bare, subdued looking room that has an extremely dramatic touch in the form of gorgeous tree-shaped bedposts. The room does not need anything else, as the adorable bed grabs all the attention.

The tree-branch bed posts are very three dimensional. The shadow-patterns they create on the wall are interesting and intricate- there is no need for any other detailing (like a painting).

The room has a hotel-room vibe with beiges, whites and creams composing most of the color palette. The walls are bare, with no paintings or hangings of any kind. The French windows are covered with dull, gold, floor-length curtains. The floor is wooden and well-polished. This is a room that is easy to keep clean and maintain well. The muted tones are classy and understated.

Another interesting feature of the bedroom is that it is cut into half by a small divider. The divider separates the bed from a small study. The furniture (apart from the artistic bed) is very bare and simple. In fact, every single element of the room is bare and simple, apart from the tree-shaped posts. This is very clever use of design, because it is very easy for the room to seem vanilla, boring and generic. The surprising bed is a genius move by the interior decorator, and it increases the room’s interest factor by a large margin.

This room is perfect for use as a hotel room. The monotonous scheme works in its favor, as hotel rooms usually have to seem clean, simple, classy and accessible.

As a bedroom it suits all age-groups. It is neither too feminine, nor too masculine. This lends flexibility to the room. The room is also quite spacious, but it is made to seem more cozy and small because of the room divider. This is a clever trick that also gives the sleeping area an air of privacy.

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