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Black and White Bedroom

black and white bedroom

Black and White Bedroom

A bedroom’s attractiveness usually revolves around the colors flourishing within it. This bedroom is based on the widely used theme of black and white. This theme brings in a sense of purity to the room, and adds a sense of cleanliness as well.

The floor of the room is a pearly white, shiny and smooth. I would dearly love to set my bare feet on that floor, and even lie down on it, for its sheer shine and color invite me. The walls follow the rooms theme as well- as they are alternatively black and white. The wall above the bed is graphite black, and has plenty of space to hang a painting or two. The sides of the wall are a richer, smoother black, adding a darker frame to the wall. On one side of this wall, we see an intricate silver decoration object, hanging down from the ceiling, and reflecting the whites of the floor beautifully.

The bed is a sublime mixture of simplicity and prettiness. Its base is the same white as the floor, but its head is made of wood, painted black as night. The mattress is roughly square in shape, and covered in a cover that is white and grey with white and black stripes. The bed sheet and pillow are a rich black, contrasting with the mattress.

To the other side of the bed, we see space for a tall lampshade, and maybe even a cupboard. The space in the picture is occupied by a cupboard and a lampshade that glow in white, contrasting with the black wall behind it. The window we see shows us a lovely view of a pool. The window is large and brings out the spaciousness of the room. The rug on the floor adds more contrast to the room, as it has a large range of colors on it, and still fits in perfectly.

All in all, this bedroom is spacious, well designed, and beautiful.

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