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Black and White Decor


There is a unique charm in the combination of black and white and when used as a theme for interior decor the impact is certainly dramatic. You can choose the entire house for this theme or simply a single room – the dining room, the living room or the bedroom

How does it work? First of all, you should be able to carry it off! This needs quite a bit of planning. Once it is all done you don’t want to be left wondering if perhaps you could have done a better job of it. Let’s see how we can go about achieving this.

If you have wooden flooring, then go in for a dark shade of wood. If not choose white marble which is of course rather difficult to maintain. You can also choose patterned black and white rugs on the floor to fulfill this effect. Now the walls should almost always be white. Black walls gives a caved-in look which is really not desirous and you may regret having chosen this later if your did decide to go ahead with it. You can have black and white fresco with a little less of black. Alternately you can choose black and white decals or wall papers. Even a large abstract canvas wall art in black and white will look amazing on white walls.

The furniture upholstery, curtains, pillows, cushions, wooden cabinets should be chosen appropriate to the theme. Remember to have more of white in the fabric texture you use. If it is the bedroom you have chosen for the theme, have the bedspreads and other ensemble like bolsters, pillows and rugs in black and white. You can choose to have some of them completely white and some of them black. Interior designing is all about aesthetics and there is no limit to which you can experiment. Be bold and go in for a theme that is unique and simply of out of world!

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