Living Room Interior Designs — February 7, 2011 at 4:41 pm

Black and White Theme

Black and White

Black and White Theme

A living room isn’t quite complete without a perfect colour combination. And colour combinations don’t look good with an assortment of colours, and only reveal their beauty with simple combinations. The simplest of all these combinations would be black and white, and that is excellently shown in the displayed living room.

The floor is a smooth wood, which is a sort of bleached brown that sets the tone for the entire room. On the floor is a unique carpet, made in such a simple style it looks intricate. It resembles melted silver freely flowing on the wooden floor, and makes the room look more spacious than it is.

The walls are whitewashed and pure looking. The white sofa sits facing the television, which is attached to a sleek, dark brown, wooden cabinet. The cabinet is very large, with plenty of space for books, speakers, compact discs, and more.

Next to the cabinet is a space for wooden logs for a fireplace, and the fireplace itself, probably electric. Next to the fireplace is a gorgeous design of black, white, and silver, which captures the eye, but still stays within the limits of the room’s theme.

The room also has a lovely view of nature, making me feel like it has almost everything good possible. This living room is something I would love to have as it is spacious, sleek, has a wonderful view, looks homely and comfortable, and most of all, is simple. It seems easy to maintain, and is far from cluttered. The sofa is obviously very comfortable, and makes one want to plop down onto it and sigh in satisfaction. The wooden cabinet adds to the black and white combination brilliantly, as it looks more black than brown.

If you have a mind to redecorate, this seems to be like the easiest solution.

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