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Blending in the Accessories in your Home Interiors


Accessories In Your Interiors

Accessories In Your Interiors

Home interior decoration is all to do with accessories right? Well then is there a trick to show off all your accessories the right way?  Well there is – simple but very effective. Follow them.

You accessories should be something personal and unique. It should somehow relate to your personality. So make sure that your home is personalized with the object of art and accessories that you possess. We all know how important the color scheme is in interior décor. To maintain a classy blend repeat colors in the room thrice. This could be your wall color, carpet color and your window curtain color – anything – however insignificant the object may appear – it falls under the purview of the color scheme. So make a note of that. The next important thing is to ensure that the sizes of your accessories are all in proportion to the other objects. For instance a canvas art painting that occupies almost the entire wall will look very disproportionate and discordant. A very tiny silver vase on a large coffee table would completely dwarf it. This is why proportion is very important in the decoration theme.

Whatever object of art you have make sure, they are all at the eye-level. It should blend in with the ambiance of the room. One should not crane their necks, move away from the object to get a clearer view. This is not only irritating but also takes away the charm of the lovely exhibit. Frame your artwork to go with the theme of the décor. If you have gone if for a Victorian theme, frame your art with elaborate Victorian metal designs. If your room is minimalistic then ensure that the frame is simple and sleek to go with the theme. It is not difficult to achieve these effects. All it needs is a sense of aesthetics and the desire to create an aura to your rooms.

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