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Blocks on the wall

block-walls for kids

Block-walls for Kids

Doesn’t every parent wish to make their child’s dreams and wishes come true? Parents often try to create the perfect room for their children, and more often than not, they need guidance from a qualified decorator.

This family has wisely opted to use one. It is an enchanting room or rather, a nursery, that has used patterns, motifs and a pastel color palette to give this room a child-like and wondrous air.

First of all, the MOST interesting and amazing feature of the room is the wall. What an ingenious idea! The decorators have used a “block” wall with the letters of the alphabet! The entire wall is made up of these blocks. If that isn’t interesting enough, then it should be known that the blocks double as cupboards for storage.

Another wall is painted on. There is a painted tree with a chipmunk or squirrel sitting on the branch. Obviously, the idea of the decorator was to make this room as ‘interactive’ as possible.

The crib is decorated like a carriage, straight out of ‘Cinderella’. The carriage is white and pink. Maybe this is a room meant for a girl child. Next to the crib is a seating area on the window ledge, filled with cushions and bolsters. The decorator has, as expected, stuck to the pastel shades like cinnamon, red, pink, white, cream, and yellow.

There is a nice armchair for customary book reading, complete with a leg rest. The floor is carpeted, with large squares that are covered in different patterns. The room almost manages to look crowded, but avoids this thanks to its use of pastel shades.

The entrance to the room is a door that is divided into two- one which is a block and the other that is small enough for a child to walk through. What an interesting idea!

This room is simply perfect for a baby. It is interesting, lively and fun- everything a child needs for an environment to grow up in and lead a happy life.

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