Bedroom Interior Designs — February 27, 2011 at 2:22 pm

Blue and White Room


Blue and White Kids Room

Blue and White Kids Room

This bedroom is themed with a pair of lovely colors- blue and white.
The entire room seems to be a picture of the ocean, the blue waters, and the white foam.
The floor is wooden and light colored. The rug in the center of the
room looks like the feathers of a swan- white and fluffy. The wall
behind the bed is a rich, deep blue, but behind the study desk it is
white, like the rest of the room’s walls. On the walls, things like a
clock and pictures have been hung.
The bed is located against the wall. Its frame is white, while the
drawers underneath it are dark and light blue. The mattress itself is
white, with a blue and white striped bedcover. At the head of the bed
is a tall set of drawers, with space on the top for objects of
The study desk is extremely well made. It’s the type of place that a
child would WANT to study in. The table itself is white. There is
space not only on the table top but in the drawers attached as well.
The chair at the desk is silver in color.
The windows in the room are very large. They allow plenty of light to
enter the room, and present an excellent opportunity for natural
All in all, this bedroom is a lovely one. It is very spacious, looks
comfortable, has calming and pleasant colors that melt together
gracefully, and looks far from empty. I would love to have a room like
this, and I know that many would feel the same way. For some reason,
it appeals to the eye because of its colors, and because of its space,
and probably because I know there’s enough space to kick around the
football lying next to the desk.

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